A neck strap combined with a mask!

Inverse Teams BeNeLux has developed a new mask made of technical fabric that combines hygienic protection against the virus and protection against the cold thanks to a thermal neck strap.

The Windflap neck warmer also incorporates, in the mask area, the new FLAPTECH 2 filter which is more rigid and certified CWA 17553.

WindFlap thermal neck warmers meet two needs: protect yourself from the cold during the fall and winter seasons while continuing to protect against viruses.

Coverage of throat, ears, chin, mouth, nose and cheeks

Today, more than ever, we must protect ourselves against viruses including Covid 19 and its variants.

Common colds, seasonal flu and bronchitis are among the most common respiratory infections at this time of year, and now pose a double risk, due to COVID-19. This is why it is recommended by doctors to cover up during physical activities outside: sport, work, … street shopping.

In autumn and winter, respiratory diseases represent most of the reasons for hospitalization and medical consultation, prevention and protection are necessary especially for people at risk or very sensitive to cold.

A single piece to cover our neck, nose and mouth is very practical in use

The obligation to have to wear a protective mask and a scarf during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic can be uncomfortable and impractical, especially when we use two separate pieces: a mask and a neck strap or a scarf.

Thermal neck warmers with WindFlap mask solve this discomfort by offering protection against viruses thanks to fabrics certified by the European Union with the CWA 1755 standard, and at the same time protecting as much as possible our neck, our ears, our chin and our cheeks from the cold to face the risks associated with respiratory infections.

The WindFlap neck strap adapts perfectly to the physiognomy of your face and your head thanks to its ergonomic design and its rear tensioner which allows a perfect fit. The new filter FLAPTECH 2 also has greater rigidity, which ensures a perfect fit of the neck warmer with the mask area and allows it to stay securely in place at all times.

A wide range of choices with designs available in child or adult sizes

Over 20 models of thermal neck warmers with filter in adult and child sizes available in our shop .

Customization from the production of 25 pieces

The personalization service intended for companies, clubs, organizations, schools, … etc allows to create thermal neck warmers with mask 100% in the effigy of the wishes of the customers.

The manufacturing time is 10 working days from 25 pieces. Personalization is available in the 4 WindFlap sizes: 3 to 6 years old, 6 to 9 years old, 10 to 12 years old and over 12 years old.

To receive a quote, complete the Contact form , write an email directly to info@inverseteamsbenelux.com or contact us by phone +32 4 265 20 67.