Terms and conditions of sale


The FANATICX SRL, with its registered office at Rue de Mulhouse, 36 at 4020 Liège, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0760382703, is developing the commercial activity of manufacturing and customizing technical textiles and accessories with the INVERSE BeNeLux license under the name “INVERSE BENELUX”.

Under this name, the FANATICX SRL sells “sporting goods” online or directly (professional B2B customers), ie all types of equipment, accessories and sports clothing for physical health from the manufacturer Inverse (CIRO Sport). The seller offers, on his website or live, products, specifically adapted to a specific sports discipline.

  1. Scope and definitions


These general conditions aim to define the contractual relations between the seller, the FANATICX SRL, and the buyer, as well as the conditions applicable to contracts for the sale of products concluded directly or online, via the seller’s website, https://inverseteamsbenelux.com

The terms and conditions applicable to the contract are those subject to buyer approval when the order is placed.

The seller reserves the right to change his terms of sale at any time. In this case, the new terms and conditions are enforceable as soon as they are posted on the website listed above, under the “general conditions” tab and available on request for B2B professional customers.


For the purposes of these terms and conditions, are considered to be:

  • Product: any material items posted on the seller’s website and sold to the buyer through this. The products displayed on the website are non-customised goods, the customer also has the opportunity to order personalised goods, in the terms of the contract, as well as by these terms and conditions;
  • Vendor: the FANATICX SRL (presented above);
  • Buyer: any customer, whether consumer or professional;
  • Parties: seller and buyer, taken over jointly;
  • Customer-consumer: any natural person who acquires one or more products for purposes that excludes any professional character;
  • Customer-professional: any individual or corporation that acquires one or more products for professional or partially professional purposes.
  1. Ordering process

2.1. Expected languages and geographic area

The process (according to technical instructions (2.2.)) of ordering can only be done in French, German, Dutch or English.

2.2. Technical instructions

The buyer

If it is a consumer customer (individual), in accordance with the definitions above (1.2.);

The main steps in the ordering process, clearly displayed on the seller’s website, are:

  • (1) Buy: By clicking on the “order” tab, the buyer selects the desired product or products and places them in their shopping cart;
  • (2) Validate: By clicking on the “validate” tab, after finally stopping the contents of their shopping cart, the buyer will see the purchase order that he must complete;
  • (3) Confirm: By clicking on the “confirm” tab, the buyer approves the completed purchase order and will then see a summary of their order.
  • (4) Pay: By clicking on the “pay” tab, the buyer will see the different payment methods displayed.

If he is a professional customer will validate the general terms of sale and his order by payment.

2.3. Confirmation of sale

After payment, the consumer buyer receives an email on the email address informed on the purchase order.

In this email, the seller acknowledges receipt of the order and summarizes it.

2.4. Changing/Correction of Seized Data

Until he confirms his order (2.2.( 3) the buyer has the option to modify or correct all or part of the information recorded for the order of the desired product.

  1. Contract terms

3.1. Contract conclusion

The sale of the product (s) is perfect as soon as the buyer has made the confirmation of his order (2.2.( 3)).

3.2. Right of withdrawal

The consumer or professional customer who orders a product online or online, has the right to notify the seller that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without indication of reason, within fourteen days, from the day he physically takes possession of the product.

The consumer customer who decides to avail himself of his right of withdrawal must notify the seller within fourteen days, by recommended letter, the stamp of the post valid.

A consumer or professional customer who orders one/of the custom products cannot benefit from the right of withdrawal, under Article VI.53.3 of the Economic Code.

When ordering, the consumer or professional who chooses to order products that meet its specifications or personalized is notified by the seller that he loses his right of withdrawal.

For hygienic reasons, the masks cannot be taken back and are also considered as personalized items.

  1. price

When validating its order (2.2.( 2)), the buyer is warned by the seller that the validation of the order (2.2.( 3)) entails, in its head, an obligation to pay.

The price of the purchased products and the delivery costs are clearly displayed, separately, when the order is placed, and at the latest during the validation and confirmation of the order. The total of these items is also posted and is understood net and without discounts, including VAT.

The seller reserves the right to change his prices at any time. The prices for the order are those that appear when the ordering process is started.

4.1. Payment terms

After confirmation of his order (2.2. (3)), the buyer only pays by bank transfer to the CBC IBAN account BE12732057340892

  1. delivery

The seller agrees to deliver the products sold within a reasonable time at the address indicated by the buyer in the purchase order.

Delivery times depend on the number and type of products ordered (customized or not), as well as the delivery address.

The delivery time estimated by the seller is indicated to the buyer when the order is placed and, in any case, before the order is confirmed (2.2.( 3)).

  1. Resolution

In the event of the buyer’s non-performance and after a notice remained unsuccessful for a period of one month, without prejudice to Article 1184 of the Civil Code, the seller has the right to resolve the contract, without prejudice to the right to claim damages, which are set at 15 of the total price of the goods, including VAT.

The customer-consumer has the same right to the seller, which will be exercised on the same terms. If the sale is resolved at the seller’s wrongfulness, the seller will be liable for compensation equivalent to that provided in the previous paragraph.

This section does not apply in cases of force majeure as defined in Article 10, notified by the party who uses it by letter recommended within eight days of its occurrence.

  1. Claim

Without prejudice to Articles 8 and 9, any claim relating to the product’s compliance must be reported to the seller by recommended letter, addressed to the seller’s head office, Rue de Mulhouse, 36 to 4020 Liège, within 8 days of the following day of delivery of this product and the takeover by the buyer.

Failing that for the buyer to react within the allotted time, the proper performance and compliance of the services and/or ancillary services are considered to be established. No claim can be made against the seller beyond the term.

  1. Limitation of liability

The seller does not incur liability for damage caused by the use of the products sold, whether the damage is caused to the buyer or to third parties, even during the period of time to make a claim.

As a result, the seller will not be liable for any damages for accident to persons, damage to products separate from the products sold, loss of earnings or any other harm arising directly or indirectly from any defects possibly affecting these products.

In the event that the seller still sees liability, he would only be required to pay compensation that cannot be greater than or equal to the sale price of the product.

  1. Legal guarantee

The seller guarantees the products he sells in accordance with articles 1649 bis to 1649 octies of the Civil Code, inserted by the law of September 1, 2004 relating to the protection of consumers in the event of the sale of consumer goods.

In the event of non-compliance with a product sold, found within 2 years of the issuance of the property, the buyer must notify the seller as soon as possible in a precise manner, by recommended letter.

This warranty only covers existing non-compliance at the time of delivery of the goods. Defects or damage due to misuse, such as water damage, oxidation, fall or shock, negligence and wear, are not covered by the warranty.

Similarly, repairs carried out by technicians not approved by the seller will result in the cancellation of the warranty.

The invoice or delivery voucher serves as a guarantee and must be kept by the consumer and original products.

  1. Responsibility and force majeure

Any breach of execution in the head of the seller or buyer resulting from a case of force majeure cannot validly engage their liability.

Force majeure must, in the context of these terms and conditions, be understood as: “any unpredictable and insurmountable circumstances, beyond the control of the parties, for which they are not responsible, and which could not reasonably be expected of them, that they take them into account at the time of the conclusion of the contract or that they prevent or overcome them even when these circumstances do not make them totally impossible. , but only substantially more difficult and more expensive, the execution of the contract.”

The victim of the occurrence of a circumstance being defined as a case of force majeure informs the other party as quickly as possible, and in any case within eight days of the occurrence of that circumstance, by recommended letter.

In the event of force majeure, the seller reserves the right to extend the period of supply of the product possibly agreed to a period equal to that during which the case of force majeure has persisted.

If these facts may jeopardize the execution of the order under the terms and conditions, the seller reserves the right to terminate the contract, repaying the buyer the price paid, without liability on his part.

  1. Processing personal data

These provisions respect the buyer’s privacy in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the handling of personal data and other binding provisions of Belgian law in this area.

The person responsible for processing the buyer’s personal data is the seller, SRL FANATICX.

The FANTATICX SRL can be contacted every working day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., by telephone on the number +32 4 265 20 67 and at the e-mail address info@inverseteamsbenelux.com

Personal data (including the contract) is archived by the seller for management purposes for a period of 5 years.

The personal data communicated to the FANATICX SRL are processed by it for the management of its customers which includes in particular the management of the pre-contractual and contractual relations of the latter and the information thereof as well as for the purposes of commercial prospecting. (Direct marketing).

The buyer may object, on request and free of charge, to the processing of the data concerning him for commercial exploration (direct marketing).

In addition, the purchaser has the right to obtain at no cost the correction of any data of an inaccurate personal nature that concerns him.

  1. Intellectual property

All elements of the seller’s website are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the seller.

No one is allowed to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use in any capacity, even partially, elements of the site, whether they are software, visual or sound.

  1. Evidence

The parties accept, as part of their relationships, the electronic means of proof (exemplatifly: email, computer backups, …).

  1. Law applicable and competent jurisdiction

Disputes relating to the interpretation and execution of these terms and conditions of sale are subject to Belgian law.

Only the courts of the borough of Liège, Liège division, have jurisdiction.