Vojo magazine tests WindFlap masks

In its well-established tradition: Vojo regularly offers concise, quick and easy tests.

On the magazine’s program Vojo this week; the masks WindFlap, INVERSE TEAMS BeNeLux invites you to read the results of tests carried out by specialized journalists for riders, of which here is an extract:

“We had never had a neck strap that held naturally so well and that we did not have to replace once during the outings carried out with him. The small tightening located at the back also plays a small appreciable role. in terms of support, without causing the slightest discomfort. On the side of the mask, it has also proven to be perfect. Even with a small additional filter inside to bring it to the highest level of safety / protection, it actually remains more breathable and less humid on the inside than a surgical mask or a more conventional fabric mask. “